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Cultural Planning


 “If an Aboriginal child or young person enters out-of-home care, then they must have a cultural plan that keeps them connected to their family, community and Country. 

An Aboriginal child or young person who is being managed by a non-Aborginal NGO must have their cultural plan approved by the Aboriginal community.” 

(Keeping Kids Connected: Cultural Planning for Aboriginal children and young people; Department of Family and Community Services) 

Connecting Culture delivers this service  with the assurance that the plan is supported by the local Aboriginal community.  

All plans are developed by: 

  • Aboriginal people with extensive cultural knowledge and understanding, 
  • Aboriginal people who have knowledge and understanding of requirements of the Permanency Support Program 

Are you:

  • A caseworker engaging Aboriginal clients?
  • A caseworker wanting to embed culture into the plans of your Aboriginal clients more efficiently?
  • Wanting to ensure you meet your requirements in a thorough and meaningful way?

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Family Group Conferencing


 Family Group Conferencing is a process that brings families together to empower them to make their own decisions for solutions around the issues that they may be facing, where children and young people are also involved. 


In New South Wales Family Group Conferencing is increasingly being used  to support decision making processes regarding families, children and young people.

This service provides for: 

  • Preparation of mediation 
  • Facilitation of mediation 
  • Consolidation 
  • Effective response to behaviour and areas of concern 
  • Thorough reports to meet required standards 

This service is delivered in a culturally appropriate manner when working with groups of Aboriginal identity.  

Our Services Manager, Ian Eggins, is a qualified facilitator of Family Group Conferencing. 

Do you:

  • Work with families that are at risk of entering the Out of Home Care System?
  • Work with families with children and young people that have recently come into care?
  • Engage with families working towards restoration or a permanency plan?

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Cultural Connections


We connect the community to culture! 

Our aim is to give easy access to people to learn all about Aboriginal culture. 

From traditions and history through to contemporary issues and practices. We believe it is important to integrate the past with the present to build a strong future for Aboriginal people.  

By arranging regular activities, workshops and camps for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people we will deliver on this objective.  

We deliver education and knowledge in a fun and interactive environment for all ages. 

This service is suitable for all different types of services and organisations, such as OOHC agencies, early education centres and schools, plus much more. 

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Mentoring Services


With a focus on personal interests and current life-stage, we work with youth (from school aged), integrating cultural learning in each session.

Mentoring may be one-on-one or group sessions. 

Our program is aimed at young people needing assistance with identity, belonging and stability. 

Outcomes are established in the early stages, with plans developed to ensure effective and timely delivery. 

Do you know a child or young person who:

  • Is struggling or not engaging at home or school?
  • Has gone through a major life change?
  • Is having a difficult time with identity and personal growth or understanding?

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Workplace Consultation


Are you a community service, child care centre, preschool or other organisation wanting to:

  • Develop employment strategies targeting recruitment of Aboriginal employees?
  • Introduce an employee mentoring program to assist your existing Aboriginal employees with fulfilling and successful service?
  • Develop community strategies to better engage Aboriginal clients and community?
  • Enhance existing client relations and engagement processes?
  • Develop and implement Reconciliation Action Plans?
  • Embed culture into your programming and service delivery in a holistic and meaningful manner?

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Fee Structure

Connecting Culture is a fee-for-service business. 

We do not receive government funding. 

With the exception of Cultural Planning, our services are charged at an hourly rate. 

Please contact us for more information regarding fees. 

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