Our Mission

To connect children, young people and families to Aboriginal culture and community

Our Vision

We believe in the strength of culture. 

We will empower a sense of belonging through connection, knowledge and understanding

Why Work with Connecting Culture





What we do

Connecting Community to Aboriginal Culture in a holistic way

Connecting Aboriginal children to culture
Sharing traditions


We are Connecting Culture. 

We promote knowledge, understanding and inclusion of Australian Aboriginal people and their history through education and the sharing of culture.

We work with community service organisations to develop cultural plans, facilitate family mediation, provide youth mentoring and deliver cultural awareness training.

While we are based in the Newcastle and Hunter Region, our services can be delivered state-wide.

Our services and programs will allow people of different cultures and heritage to walk together, united, without judgement or discrimination.

We keep our culture and community strong and connected.


Connecting Children Young people Family and Community
Aboriginal culture
Newcastle support services

 Connecting Culture is different to other Aboriginal consultants, as we have paired our knowledge and passion for culture with our experience and understanding of community service delivery and regulations. 

Continual Learning

Aboriginal culture
Learning is continual
Culture is knowledge, understanding and strength

 Strength comes from knowing who you are and having a sense of belonging.
Culture provides this strength.
The more you know and understand about your culture, the stronger your sense of belonging and self-identity.

We believe this process is infinite. Continual through different life cycles. 

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Who We Are

Ian Eggins
Services Manager
Connecting Culture
Support in Newcastle
Aboriginal Culture and people

Ian Eggins - Services Manager

Ian is a proud Bundjalung and Gamilaraay man who has lived on Awabakal country for over 20 years. He has a stong connection to the community of the Newcastle region while maintaining links to his home country.

Ian has over 10 years experience working with children, young people and families who are vulnerable and at risk. 

His passion for culture combined with his knowledge, experience and understanding of child protection and the recent Permanency Support Program and Out of Home Care reforms, Ian aims to use all of his skills in delivering outstanding services. 

Shannon Pratten-Eggins 
Business Manager

Shannon Pratten-Eggins - Business Manager

Shannon has skills and qualifications in Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Corporate Event Planning.

She has over 10 years experience within the local not-for-profit community sector, in roles of Finance, Human Resource Management, Community Engagement and Marketing. Shannon loves being able to contribute to the community behind-the scenes. 

Shannon and Ian 
Connecting Culture
Connect Aboriginal support services
Children Family Young People

Their Partnership

Ian and Shannon are married with three children. 

Together they ensure that culture is embedded organically in their lives, encouraging a strong sense of belonging and identity for their children. 

They look forward to combining their strengths, knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding services to the community.