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In the Australian foster care system, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) children and young people represent at a rate 10 times that of non-ATSI children (June 2017). 

More than 5,700 Aboriginal kids in care are not placed with Aboriginal family members or Aboriginal foster carers. 

At Connecting Culture, we find this rate alarming. These kids are disconnected from community, country and culture. 

Cultural knowledge and understanding is crucial in formation of self-identity. Many kids are missing out on this critical component of self-awareness due to their placement. 

We work towards keeping people, especially children and young people, connected to the Aboriginal community and culture. We believe that culture is identity and identity is strength. 

If you share in our belief, or would like to know more, join us in our journey. 

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Aboriginal children Newcastle Lake Macquarie
Aboriginal children Newcastle Lake Macquarie

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